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Are you ready to put your well-being first?

I can help you find a healing routine, create a more loving relationship with food, your body, nature and the pulsing of your own life force.  





I offer Holistic Wellness Coaching through the lens of the Feminine Form of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is about coming back to YOU. It teaches us that when we align our body, lifestyle practices, and mind with the tides of nature, we set ourselves up to live in alignment with our best self. 

Feminine medicine is revolved around the five senses and is an earth-based, grounded, health based perspective. The feminine asks us to trust ourselves, embrace our sensuality and trust the wisdom of our own bodies so that we may heal and revitalize. 

Discover and maintain the power within YOU 

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The Consultation

A pre-requisite for all coaching sessions & a great place for us to begin our work together.


This is an in-depth consultation where you will answer many questions and I find out how I can support you better. 

 You will walk away with at least one Ayurvedic practice that you can start implementing right away by the end of our session together. 


90 minute session @ $150.00

This is the beginning of your

Radical Health Revolution

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Awaken Your Inner Healer

This is for the person who is embarking on their wellness journey and is ready to implement radical self-care and self-love practices into their life. You want more energy & you're excited about Ayurvedic medicine, or magic, but don't know where to start. 


I will teach you how to create simple nourishing routines + make practical and sustainable changes in your diet and lifestyle with Ayurveda. There will be an integral focus on digestion and supporting a healthy digestive fire for optimal balance and well-being. 


You will receive

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Journaling prompts and worksheets to help you get clear about your health goals

  • Recorded yoga & meditation practices 

  • Diet and lifestyle support totally tailored to your goals and needs

  • Seasonal recipes

  • Unlimited email support & accountability

6 weeks  @ $885

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The Deep Dive

This is for the person who is ready for deep transformation and is willing to do the work. I will help you get clear and take effective action towards your health and wellness goals.

Women, you will also learn how to support your menstrual cycle, heal your hormones, have more energy, stress less and feel your very best. Cycle Syncing will change your life because our energy, productivity, mood, weight, fertility, mental health, confidence, libido, periods, brain function, and focus are all tied to our monthly menstrual cycle.

You will receive: 

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Journaling prompts and worksheets to help you get clear about your health goals

  • Recorded yoga & meditation practices 

  • Distance Reiki Sessions

  • Diet and lifestyle support totally tailored to your goals and needs

  • Unlimited email support & accountability

12 weeks @ $1,885

  I See You. 

You are tired, overwhelmed or burned out 

  • You experience anxiety 

  • You are feeling disconnected from yourself

  • You take care of everyone else before tending to your own needs

  • You have digestive issues

  • You have menstrual or hormonal issues

  • You aren't sleeping well

  • You want personal health sovereignty

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The Cleanse

Need a boost? This simple Ayurvedic cleanse will nourish and balance all three of your doshas, rekindle your agni (your digestive fire), and draw impurities out from deep within the tissues. It will not stress your nervous system like many other cleanses out there. 

The cleanse is set up in 3 stages to support:

1. Preparation to open the channels of detoxification (3 days)

2. Active Cleanse to flush out toxins (3 days)

3. Reintegrate & Reset your digestive system (3 days)

You will receive: 

  • Ayurvedic Questionare  + Cleanse Intentions Worksheet

  • Guidelines to support the cleanse including grocery & supplies list

  • Daily emails to support & inspire you throughout the process

  • Recorded yoga and mindfulness practices to help you slow down & align with your intentions

  • Unlimited email support & accountability


9 day cleanse @ $285

Stressed Woman

Imagine how your life would feel

if you had more:

  • Energy

  • Joy

  • Pleasure

  • Ease

  • Confidence

  • Satisfaction

  • Understanding of your body

  • Love for yourself

Working with me is not for everyone. You must be willing to show up fully & do the work. You hold the power to your own potential, I am just here to facilitate the process. If this resonates with you, I can help you:

  • Grow your relationship to yourself, your intuition, your bodies’ needs and desires and your self-worth

  • Restore, strengthen, and protect your energy 

  • Connect with the seasonal cycles of nature & harness your creative potential by understanding lunar cycles and energy 

  • Learn embodiment and self-love practices to connect you to your sensual nature and increase your experience of pleasure and joy 

  • Heal hormonal imbalances + menstrual issues 

  • Heal your relationship with food and anxiety 

  • Learn how to nourish yourself on a deeper level

  • + more!

Want to see if we're a good fit?

Ready to get started? 

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