Abundant Wellness Coaching

I offer Holistic Wellness Coaching through the lens of the Feminine Form of Ayurveda & Yoga. 

Ayurveda means life wisdom, science or truth and is focused on health and healing. When we align our body, lifestyle practices, and mind with the tides of nature, we set ourselves up to live in alignment with our best self.

Feminine Ayurveda & Yoga is revolved around the five senses and is an earth-based, grounded & sensual health based perspective. Through embodiment and self-love practices we tap into the unique sensations of our body as a tool to develop awareness, stay present, self-regulate, feel whole, find balance, feel connected, know ourself, love ourself and be empowered.



What is a coaching session like? First we connect by phone and talk about your unique challenges, hopes and dreams. We discuss whatever is going on with you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. By getting to know your unique mind-body constitution (prakruti) and your current imbalances (vikruti), you'll learn new tools, habits, and practices all designed for you to come back home to yourself so you feel radiant, juicy, vibrant and alive! 


RADIANT YOU Package: Awaken Your Inner Healer

  • Coaching Calls (one each week) via Zoom 

  • Guided Feminine Form Yoga (think circular and more free-form movements)

  • An in-depth consultation to find out how I can support you better

  • Diet and lifestyle support which will be totally tailored to your goals and needs

  • Connect with the seasonal cycles of nature & harness your creative potential by understanding lunar cycles and energy

  • Nervous system practices - meditations, Body Yantra, and foam roller practices for your spine 

  • Ways to restore, strengthen, and protect your energy

  • Learn how heal hormonal imbalances + menstrual issues 

  • Seasonal recipes

  • Integral focus on digestion and supporting a healthy digestive fire for optimal balance and well-being

  • Practices to connect you to your sensual nature + increase your experience of pleasure and joy 

  • Heal your relationship with food and anxiety 

  • Learn how to nourish yourself on a deeper level

  • Unlimited email support and accountability









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