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Mind, Body & Soul Wellness

In my yoga & movement classes, I encourage you to go deeply inward, get curious and find what works in your own body so that you can cultivate a stronger connection to your Self. I believe that through this connection each of us can find our own unique power, passion and expression of joy within the world.



Restorative & Reiki

Last Saturday of every month


On Zoom - Donation Based 

1 - 2:15 pm Eastern Time  



This class is gentle and designed to bring balance and healing to your system. Join me in a radical self-care practice of slowing down, deepening our breath, and being present with our emotional, physical, mental, and energetic bodies. Release stress, settle your nervous system, recharge, regenerate and bask in your bliss.

Donation info included in Registration Link.

Hatha Flow

Every Sunday 

at Symmetry Yoga Online

12:30 - 1:30 pm Eastern Time  



Enjoy a slower-pace, deep flow practice with emphasis on linking conscious breath with movement. Integrating alchemized yoga asana, purposeful pranayama and guided meditation to nourish your body, mind & spirit and re-awaken your innate truth & knowing. 


First Saturday of every month


On Zoom - Donation Based

1 - 2:15 pm Eastern Time  



A grounded practice focusing on building strength, mobility and play while enhancing prana flow in the body and clearing the mind. This class includes but is not limited to yoga, and includes breath work to strengthen the body from the inside out. 

Donation info included in Registration Link.

Somatics & Dance

Coming Soon!

Anne is an awesome teacher! I'm always impressed by how she shares her love of yoga with her students. She creates beautiful and challenging - yet accessible - sequencing for each of her Vinyasa classes. And she offers several variations of each pose making the class enjoyable for all abilities. Her classes touch on more than the physical practice, which is pretty awesome itself. Anne shares her love of the introspective aspects of yoga by opening with a theme on self-reflection. And she often closes the practice with guided yoga nidra ("yogic sleep"), which has a myriad of benefits. Anne's inspiring retreats and workshops - which she offers with her yogi partners  - are always fun, memorable, and well planned. I've left every workshop and retreat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and grateful. I highly recommend attending Anne's classes, workshops, and retreats!

- Becky Gee (Yelp Review)

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