Awaken Your Authentic Self at Green Gulch Farm

August 8, 2020

Take a day to yourself to help you get back on track and away from everyday stress. In our busy world we are faced with obstacles that can obscure what our true purpose is and why we are here; often leaving us feeling depleted and isolated.


This mini get-away is designed for you to get re-calibrated and feeling all vibrant and new with the ultimate self-care;  get clearer about what matters to you and how to move forward. You will be in conscious community and meet others who are passionate about wellness and vibrant living.


Join Anne and Nicolette for a dynamic day at Green Gulch Farm, a truly a magical place that inspires harmony with nature. Experience a medicinal medley of offerings infused with astrological insight; alchemized yoga asana, meditation, purposeful pranayama, self myo-fascial release utilizing Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls, dharma talks on how to walk away using the power of astrology and Yoga Nidra inspired guided meditation to bliss you out and re-awaken your innate truth and knowing. 


The retreat starts at 9:30am and ends at 5:30pm. 

A taste of what your day looks like on retreat

We'll meet at the Yurt and our first session together will include a grounding meditation, a dharma talk on astrology and a movement/yoga  practice. You'll then have plenty of time to enjoy lunch, and spend the afternoon doing activities of your choice (lounge or walk to the beach). We will close the day with yoga tune-up therapy and guided meditation. 


We will provide you with a more detailed schedule the closer we get to our trip!

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